Friday, February 26, 2010


Today I decided that I am going to try something new with my current novel. When I am writing a novel, sometimes I take long breaks with nothing much getting done. While I write a pile of short stories.

I know this is because I tend want to write new characters with a different feel and a slightly different voice. For example I would never sit down to write a horror novel, I would lose interest pretty quickly but I have more horror short stories than I do fantasy.
To fix the problem I started another novel. So for the duration of God's War I will also be writing Honor Remembered. I am on chapter 7 of God's War and I am 500 words into Honor Remembered. I am hoping that the two novels will give me enough variety to continue writing without writing any shorts.

I need to get to bed, I have to work tomorrow. I only have to work one Saturday a month so it isn't that bad, but I wish I was home writing. I am a little nervous about tomorrow. My boss wanted the library to offer more programs, and when she found out I had published short fiction, she thought it would be nice to do a writing club.
Tomorrow's topics,setting up ground rules, discussing where ideas come from, and how to find a market for your stories. The topics shouldn't be that hard, but I hate talkng in front of people, hopefully it is a small group.

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