Wednesday, March 31, 2010


March is over, and April is on its way. Which means that I need to finalize my plan for the Summer Reading program at work. The six week program takes months and months of prep work. The library is going to have programs nearly everyday for the entire month of June.

I doubt I will get any writing or editing done in June. Which means I need to really start working on editing my two novels if I want to sub them anywhere before July. It's strange how different the stories are now that I am editing rather than writing. When I was writing I thought Kingdom of the Dead was a much better novel than Summer's Blood, but now that I am editing I think Summer's Blood might be the best thing I have ever written. I took three months away from it and I don't even really remember the novel.
So I can read it as a reader instead of an author. I am really proud of my characters in this novel, they are much more thought out than my previous attempts, I think the plot is engaging and there is way more world building than I remember there being. I am just hoping I like the whole thing as much as I liked the first 20,000 words.
I like all of my novels/stories but there is something about this one that I can really identify with.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just an update

Well, I am one step closer to my goal of getting all my stories(that I have the rights too) reprinted online. The Plant which originally appeared in The Middle of Nowhere anthology, is being reprinted on Static Movement. I thought it would be a good fit because the editor of Static Movement is also going to be editing the sequel to The Middle of Nowhere.
I am still plugging away on God's War getting one chapter written a week,and I have been getting one chapter in Kingdom of the Dead, and Summer's Blood edited a week. So far I haven't had to do any major rewrites so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Ever since the weather warmed up I haven't been feeling 100%, I am really tired for no reason, and I just can't seem to get myself motivated while at the same time I have been struggling with sinus problems. I don't know it is the flu or possibly allergies but whatever it is I hope it goes away soon.
By my count I had a good 10 hours last week that I could have and usually would be writing or editing, but instead I listened to my mp3 player and watched movies. I just couldn't motivate myself to open my laptop, how lazy is that?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Acceptance and a Reprint

So my story Roman Blood first published in Horror Through the Ages is going to be printed Blood Moon Rising later this year. I have also gotten an acceptance to Roar of the Crowd an anthology from Rogue Blades Entertainment. This is an exciting sale for me because it is the longest story I've ever had published, and having it in for a penny a word payment is awesome.
I changed my mind about writing two novels at once. It just got too confusing. God's War is at 26,000 words and the story is just starting. Unless I get bored of writing it and end it early it is going to be a monster.
I am slowly but surely making my way through the edits on Summer's Blood. I haven't touched the novel since November. The story is much better than I remember it so I am hoping I can get it printed. I have just finished editing the first 10,000 words. Only another 75,000 to go.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shaman Born Published

My story Shaman Born is live on Aurora Wolf ezine.

Shaman Born

Saturday, March 6, 2010

An Acceptance

I just got a story accepted to Aurora Wolf. The story is called Shaman Born, it was written waaaay back last May. I subed it to two different markets that kept it for 100+ days before emailing to say they were going out of business, then I got two rejections.

I am excited to finally get it published. The story was inspired by a trip to the Mammoth site in Hot Springs, SD. When I found out there were pygmie mammoths. This minature mammoths were only six feet tall. My first thought on seeing the statue was "I wonder if nomadic humans ever rode them?"

They do in Shaman Born!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


So I have to leave for my dental appointment in fifteen minutes, and I needed something to do besides pace around the house and be nervous. So I thought I'd write a post on what I am woring on.

Short Stories:

I currently have no plans on writing short stories. I just got knocked out of the writing shoot our between Pill Hill Press and Liquid Imagination so I have one new short to give a good edit to and send off. Comments and scores (on a scale of 1-10) on the story ranged from a 3- "this reads like a bad Conan comic" to a 9- "This was a fun fantasy romp, I would like to see expanded into a novel"

I still have 12 stories out.


The Lion of Solkara has gotten another rejection, maybe it is just a little too cliched, but I sent it out again. Kingdom of the Dead has the first three chapters submited and I am waiting on a response, as I wait I am doing a good edit of everything else. Summer's Blood, there is something wrong with this story and I am having trouble figureing out how to fix it. The begining feels forced, like I wanted to get to the later parts and I rushed the first couple of chapters. I am having trouble editing it. God's War, I am on chapter 9, and working towards the finish, this one is coming along nicely.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Dentist

Last weekend I had a cold, and I have still been running a fever. Today at work my face started to hurt and my fever got worse. So I made a doctors appointment.

It turns out that my wisdom tooth is infected. The doctor said if I had waited any longer to go see him that he thinks I would have been in the hospital. So he gave me some antibiotics and told me I had to have my tooth removed or my infection would come back. He said I had to make an appointment as soon as possible, he tried to call and get me an appointment for tomorrow, but the office was already closed.
So tomorrow I have to call and make an appointment to get my wisdom tooth pulled. For me the two scariest things on the planet are dentists, and public speaking. So I was sitting here all nervous and decided to write to take my mind off of it.

Somehow I got almost 3000 words written in a little less than an hour. Maybe I should go to the dentist more often... or maybe not.