Wednesday, March 31, 2010


March is over, and April is on its way. Which means that I need to finalize my plan for the Summer Reading program at work. The six week program takes months and months of prep work. The library is going to have programs nearly everyday for the entire month of June.

I doubt I will get any writing or editing done in June. Which means I need to really start working on editing my two novels if I want to sub them anywhere before July. It's strange how different the stories are now that I am editing rather than writing. When I was writing I thought Kingdom of the Dead was a much better novel than Summer's Blood, but now that I am editing I think Summer's Blood might be the best thing I have ever written. I took three months away from it and I don't even really remember the novel.
So I can read it as a reader instead of an author. I am really proud of my characters in this novel, they are much more thought out than my previous attempts, I think the plot is engaging and there is way more world building than I remember there being. I am just hoping I like the whole thing as much as I liked the first 20,000 words.
I like all of my novels/stories but there is something about this one that I can really identify with.

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