Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer's Blood

As you might be able to tell from the progress bar, I have stopped writing completely and focused entirely on editing Summer's Blood. I have just made it over the 60,000 word mark(only 26,000 left.) Of course this isn't the final edit, but I am getting rid of all the inconsistencies and my characters actually have thoughts and feelings.
You see my first drafts are very bare bones type of things. They pretty much just tell what is happening without any embellishment. In my first few edits I have to add in what my character is feeling and thinking. My next edit I will start on grammar and add some descriptions. For example instead of having the characters in a forest. I might have them in a grove of aspens or something like that.
The next edit will paint a clearer picture. Also I think I need to add even more characterization. For example when my characters are given the choice of going to the Isle of the Dead on a mission for the fairy queen or being tortured and banished from all contact with other humans, my character thinks about it for just a couple of sentences and then goes along. At the very least I think I need to add some resentment to that scene, if not outright anger.

But it is coming along, hopefully I'll have it ready to send out sometime in May.

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