Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Update PHP and more...

Hey all, thought it might be time for an update. Sorry its so long between blog posts, with these online classes I write so much for class that I don't really feel like writing other things most of the time (though I did find time this summer for two short stories and a few chapters in my latest novel). I am going to do this bullet point style so I can cover more topics without wasting time on transitions.

  • Pill Hill Press: If you want Pill Hill Press books you better buy them soon, they will be out of print shortly. The process has begun. Sorry to have dragged our feet for so long. We tried to take them out of print one at a time and had a few distractions. So we just decided to send an email asking that all our books be taken out print. Thanks for being so patient novelists.
  • Superman movie: A good action film about a boy from Krypton but it is not Superman, at least not my Superman. Superman doesn't kill. He also tries to save people instead of just talking about saving people. I mean the whole town was burning and...I better stop there, don't want to include spoilers.
  • Krypton from the above movie: Awesome! THEY HAVE DRAGONS!
  • Having Children: The best.
  • 1st Father's Day: Really cool.
  • Midterms for the first time in ten years: Not nearly as cool.
  • Babies Learning to walk: AHHHHHHH!
  • Babies still not sleeping: Whimper
  • Game of Thrones: Whoa
  • $30,000 firework shows: Not bad. I still like lighting them myself though.
  • Summer Heat: Humph
  • Six page papers on firewalls: More interesting than you would think
  • Ipod Touch: More useful than I thought
  • The Great and Powerful OZ: Pretty cool, and the only movie our babies have actually stopped playing to watch.

Okay that should do it for a little bit. I just noticed I have neglected to post "lots a pictures" of the kids. What a neglectful father. Here is one a couple of months old.

 Sorry for any typos etc. Its my turn on night time baby watch and I don't think I have enough time to go back through this post.