Friday, May 21, 2010

A Friday

I had the day off of work today, because I have to work tomorrow, on Saturday. Tomorrow is the Summer Reading Program Kick-off party. This my first year as children's librarian so I am not really sure how it will go. Stuff I do know: there will be around a hundred children and thier parents, we have free food, I had to come up with some games, I am scheduled for a 9 hour day with no breaks, I am responsible for the party so if anything goes wrong it will be my fault.
So while I enjoyed having a Friday off I spent wondering what tomorrow would bring. I did get some stuff done. I got the Kinberra Down cover finished, I worked on two covers for other presses, and I have been prepareing something special. I don't want to ruin the news or announce anything before it is final but there could be some big news from Pill Hill Press in the near future.
I haven't got much writing done, but I have been thinking about the newest project I am working on. It is the story of a place rather than people, it is told through a collection of shorts. It starts with nomadic cavemen and I am planning on following the place through time all the way to space travlers. As I skip through time I will write three or four chapters about each character and then move on.

For example in chapter one there a young "caveman" who is the one of the last members of his tribe, in chapter two he is much older and the king of his people. Chapter three will focus mostly on his teenage son. Then I will skip a few hundred years down the road.

I am doing this to practise starting and ending a story. I only have a few chapters to get people to care about the characters and setting, before I drasticly change it. When I mention in chapter five or six how the caveman from chapter one died I want people to care about it. It should be interesting, and I am hoping good.

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