Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kingdom of the Dead

Well Kingdom of the Dead got its first rejection this week, I went through and did an edit and sent it off to another publisher. I had a little bit of a problem finding someone to send it to. I have a strange problem that I never read about in any of the writing books.
We own a small press.
Why is this a problem? We didn't start Pill Hill Press to publisher our own novels, and we don't want to. But having my novels published by another small press makes almost no sense as far as money is concerned. I would get 25% royalties, at best, from another publisher if we published it I would make 100%
I have a list of about 8 different publishers for each novel, all of which pay adavances. But when I make through the list I am going to have problems finding someone else to send my novels to. Like I said, it is a strange problem.
Oh well, nothing to worry about yet. And since Duotrope's says that most of the publishers on my list take over 100 days to respond to a submission, I should have two years, or so to figure it out.
I may have to switch gears on writing for the next couple of weeks. I have to go on the radio to promote the library's Summer Reading Program on Wednesday. I have about ten minutes of air time to fill up, and I am super nervous. Tonight I have been writing my presentation, and I think it is only about 5 minutes long, so I will have to write some more on that. Friday I have to visit another elementary school and I need to write a presentation for that.

I also have to write a presentation on how to find a job online by June 2nd, we have computer education classes at the library and this is the topic I got. And then I have to write a 15 minute speach on the history of the library. It is the town's 125th birthday and the city counsel has decided to go all out. I think they are just trying to get an econmic boost, but it means I have to tell people about the library on Heritage and History day.
So there is just a ton of work to do and no time to do it.

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