Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sword & Sorceress

So I am done with most of the prep work for the Summer Reading Program. The program starts next week, so while I will be super busy when I am at work my nights and weekends will be my own again.

The first thing I did with my free time was write a story for the Sword and Sorceress anthology. I wrote a 5000 word story that is actually a shore prequel to one of my unpublished novels. I did not expect to get published, it is a pro paying antho, but I heard that they give personal rejections and I hoped to get some tips to make the story better.

My personal rejection said that there was nothing wrong with the story it just did not have the feeling she was looking for, and that I should send it to other markets.

I found this somewhat heartening. At least she didn't hate it, and didn't have any major problems with the story. I have already subbed it to another market, and have my fingers crossed. I am going to start at the top, as far as pay scale goes, and work my way down.

I am also going to have a short 500 word zombie story in Daily Bites of Flesh. The story entitled Divorce of the Dead is almost all action.

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