Saturday, July 17, 2010

Health Issues and Writing

I didn't get much writing done the last week and a half. I had a "flare up" of my lupus. What does that mean, I pretty much felt like I had the flu. I was tired, like really tired, I had joint pain, and felt "sick".
This time it was a little different, the joint pain from lupus is caused by arthritis, when you have a flare up it starts to develop in your joints. Before my knees ached and elbows hurt, but last week it was in my hands. My knuckles were swollen and it hurt to pick things up much less type. I am really hoping this is not common, I am just starting to figure out my voice when I am writing, I don't need problems typing.
I did get my story for the PHP Pink Elephant shoot out down. The theme was bloody carnival and I think my story is one of my better pieces of writing. I also finished the first chapter of Twilight of Worlds. When it rains it pours and I have ideas where both my other novels are going. I wish I could type three stories at once.