Monday, August 16, 2010

Zero Gravity Available!

The sci-fi anthology I edited is now available: Here

This thrilling collection features thirteen fantastic adventures set in the cold vacuum of space. Read about rogues, scoundrels, aliens, robots, heroes, junkers and priests as you explore the rich and creative diversity of the following stories:

Junker’s Fancy By Rosemary Jones, Leech Run By Scott W. Baker, A Space Romance By Paul A. Freeman, Hawking’s Caution By Mark Rivett, Parhelion By David Schembri, To Stand Among Kings By Kenneth Mark Hoover, The Unicorn Tree By Alethea Kontis, The Beacon of Hope By Gregory L Norris, Tangwen’s Last Heist By C.B. Calsing, The Stand-Ins By Gef Fox, Glacier Castle By Will Morton, Rescue By Margaret Karmazin, At One Stride Comes the Dark By Murray Leeder

Some of the more well known writers include:

Rosemary Jones author of City of the Dead (Forgotten Realms), Murray Leeder author of Sons of Thunder (Forgotten Realms), Alethea Kontis New York Times bestselling children’s book author, Gregory L Norris author of The Q Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and episodes of Star Trek Voyager, Paul A. Freeman author of Robin Hood and Friar Tuck: Zombie Killers(Coscom Entertainment), Kenneth Mark Hoover author of Fereblau(Five Star), Margaret Karmazin author of the novel Replacing Fiona(etreasures) and David Schembri a respected member of the Australian Horror Writers Association.

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