Thursday, September 23, 2010

Creative Bloggers Award

So Emma Kathryn nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award over at her always entertaining blog Beware the Vampire Bunnies. It was very nice of her and I have to say a big thank you to her.

The way the award works is that I must give 6 funky lies and 1 weird truth, or 6 weird truths and 1 funky lie and it's up to you guys to figure it out. The second part is that I have to nominate five more people so in no particular order the nominees are:

If you get the chance check out thier blogs, they are a great way to kill time when you should be writing or working.

Now for my part it is up to you guys to figure out the truth and the lies:

1. I have a steel plate in my jaw
2. On my 20th birthday I rolled my car while only going 15mph
3. I have broken my little toe (on my right foot) twenty-five times
4. My wife and I managed a bar in upstate New York for about a year
5. I collect ancient roman coins
6. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Applied History (Museum Studies)

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