Friday, October 15, 2010


So we are going on Vacation in Deadwood.

When I tell people this they give me a blank look, their only knowledge of Deadwood coming from the TV show. I even got asked if we would have running water. So here is some clarification.

Deadwood South Dakota is a little over two hours from us. There are right around 2,000 permanent residents of Deadwood. So it is just a small town and there are a lot of old west themed things to do.

But the reason Deadwood is such a fun vacation spot are the 18 full size casinos, and the dozens of slot machines in gas stations, and bars. They are all on a single street, with little weird shops in between. It is like going to a mini Las Vegas, where every casino is within walking distance.

We are going because our windows in our house are being replaced and we didn't want to deal with the workers tromping around. So, we found a hunting lodge for the same price as a hotel, we can take out dogs. There are four bedrooms, and two bathrooms, a kitchen and a hot tub, all within 10 minutes of downtown Deadwood. (By the way if you ever need to take your dogs with you on vacation check out Vacation Rentals By Owners they have homes all over the world that you can rent like a hotel room, and many of them allow pets) Even better, no internet, no cell phones. I am taking my laptop to write when I get bored of gambling and hot tubing and about five different books I've been meaning to read.

We are leaving Monday, and coming back on Friday. That means I have nine days off of work, the most time I have had off in the last ten years, and I am getting paid for five days of it! That's right my benefits from my promotion have kicked in and I have paid vacation time to use!

So this weekend we are going to clean a little bit, and pack. Then it is off to Deadwood. I won't be posting for awhile, but don't worry even if I hit the multi-million jackpot I still plan on writing, now the day job...that's another story.

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