Thursday, December 16, 2010

An attempt at art

So I just got photoshop on my laptop and I decided to see if I still remembered anything about it from my graphic design classes. While I have been using adobe illustrator for Pill Hill Press book covers, I haven't used photoshop in years. Below is what I came up with, now to be honest I was looking at a picture of Superman while I did it, so it isn't totally free hand (I can never get the shading right when I do free hand), but I did draw the entire thing on a computer. I think it came out pretty well, except for the smoke at the bottom, which kind of looks like a strange, gray/black, blob.

Of course I used two hours I could have been writing Blood Plague or formatting Shadows & Light to do it, but oh well, nice to have a little break. Don’t expect too much more art from me. It takes up too much time.

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