Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Busy New Year

Well its time to start a new year. What does this mean for me? Well I spent the last few days going through my published stories and checking which ones I have the rights to. Once a story has appeared in print I like to get it out online so that more people can read it.

I have been sending out story after story. And in an interesting twist and an attempt at something new, I even tried to get a couple of stories published in audio markets. I have already received one response and I can say that my story The Lunatic's Bloodletting, which first appeared in Living Dead Press' End of Days Anthology will be in the next issue of Static Movement ezine.

A new year also means a busy time for me at Pill Hill Press. We are trying to clear out our overstock inventory and we have sent out dozens of review copies. Contacting reviewers is one of my duties at Pill Hill and I have been pretty busy with it. We are also looking into some new promotional ideas.

Also I am happy to say that edits on Shadows & Light II are almost done. The authors should be getting proofs of their stories by early next week at the latest. Once all the authors have had a chance to see the proof and I make a few minor changes to the cover, and come up with a blurb for the back(a task which I always find incredibly hard) we will go to print.

I haven't really gotten much writing done, but I did find out that a publisher who had accepted a few of my stories had problems with a couple of anthologies. I won't go into details but the rights to the stories reverted back to me, so I gave those a good edit and sent them out. If the publisher opens up calls for the anthologies again I have a guaranteed acceptance, but I might as well shop them around first. There is no telling if they'll have more "problems in the future".

Below is the revamped cover pic for Shadows & Light II, I think the black background really makes it pop in ways the white background didn't.

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  1. I agree, the black does make it stand out better than the white.

    Best wishes tracking down some good reviewers.