Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Update

So I have been happily writing away on my two novel projects, and when I am not in the mood to write I have been doing research for History of Blood. The story begins in Neolithic times, and at first I was going to just have him be a caveman who subjugated his people into worshiping him once he became a vampire, but now I have decided that there will be whole tribes of vampires.

The tribes are going to be the source of British/Scottish/Irish folklore. The Twyleth Tyg, the Sidhe, the Tuatha de Danann, and the Seelie and Unseelie courts are peopled by vampires. My novel will only loosely be based on any folklore. I am writing it under the assumption that the events of the novel are taking place thousands of years before recorded history, so the legends that we have today are oral retellings that have been altered by the passage of time so that they bear almost no resemblance to what actually happened. Plus, since it is first person, the narrator of the story is somewhat unreliable.

As the novel progresses it will become more and more historically accurate. I am thinking about having my main character immersed in a vampire war between the Twyleth Tyg and the Tuath de Danann, but I am not even close to the that part of the story and I have some time to think it over still.

My attempts at getting some more stuff reprinted online have born fruit, The Crystal Blight, one of my few forays into sci-fi will be reprinted over at Orion's Child. And in other news, my fantasy story, Stephen the Swift has been accepted for Big Pulp's Pirates and Swashbucklers themed issue. I'll post more about those when they come out.

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