Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's cold outside...

It is cold today…I had a more interesting blog I was going to write but when I stepped out into the -14 degree weather my brain froze. These brain cells were not vital to my survival but I did enjoy having them—I lost the blog, an idea for a short story, some of my 8th grade algebra, a few dates I learned in 9th grade history and some of my fine motor skills. And now that song “Baby its cold outside” keeps playing in my head, over and over again, so I may have lost some the brain cells that control logical thinking, I’ll get back to you on that one.

Weird to think it was 60 degrees out only two days ago but that’s Nebraska for you. In a side note the record high for today is 65 degrees the record low -27, that’s a 92 degree difference. I just wish we were on the other end of the scale. Keep warm.


  1. Alva,
    I would invite y'all down here, but the forecast is set for snow this coming Thursday night and Friday! At least we're nowhere in the "below zero" factor.

    Stay warm. Sorry about your lost brain...cells :>)


  2. It was -5 here in Downeast Maine yesterday, which isn't unheard of for the first of February. Today we're due for a foot of snow, but the high might reach 30! It's a tropical heat wave! I've have to go outside and plant a palm tree to celebrate.