Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Taming of Chapter 23

Finally done with Chapter 23 in Blood Plague. It was a relatively short chapter, just a tiny bit over two thousand words but wow they were rough. I have been worried about this chapter since I realized it was coming.

A major subplot ended in the last chapter, so I had a few loose ends to tie up from that. But this is the chapter were my characters come to the realization that surviving the plague wasn’t enough, that the war of succession caused by the plague is going to tear what’s left of the world apart and they can do something to stop it. It is a major turning point in the book and I was dreading it.

I also tried to untangle the web of subplots a little. I have three viewpoint characters and three other characters in the main storyline, and I gave them all their own side goals/agendas. It was getting to be a bit of a mess, so I had to tweak everything a bit. I am willing to bet about half the subplots are going to end up being cut as I flesh out some of the others but I like to give myself a lot of options when I trudge through the second draft.

So a major turning point is done. It is incredibly rough, the dialogue is unrealistic, some of the character motivations need some work, but that can all come later, the plot is on paper!

I know some writers are different but I don’t even think about editing anything until the first draft is completely done. So for now I can say whoo-hooo and move on!

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