Friday, May 6, 2011

The Procrastination Helper- Flash Games and a Zombie Game

Okay, its time for another post of The Procrastination Helper this week’s post is about flash games. Free online flash games are great way to put off until tomorrow what you can do today. I like to play games at Kongregate, and Heavy Games. These games are online, which means no downloading, which means no slowing your computer down, which means when you finally get around to writing it is easier. I like to browse the strategy games, in general they take more than one sitting so you get more procrastination for your buck, but they have all kinds of games, even a few old nintendo games.

I am currently playing Rebuild, a zombie game. Here is the creator’s description:

Gather survivors of the zombie apocalypse and manage food supplies, housing and morale while defending against undead attacks. Reclaim the city one square at a time and put your survivors to work scavenging for food, building houses, rediscovering technology and of course killing zombies. Beware of rival gangs, wild dogs, food thieves and even riots as you manage a city in this post apocalyptic turn based strategy game.

Below is a screen shot, the game can be played HERE