Thursday, January 12, 2012

A New Year

Happy New Year!

Hello, everybody. Sorry I haven’t posted sooner but it has been a busy new year. As some of you have probably read over at the PHP website, over Christmas my wife and I discovered that we are going to have twins in August. We are both really excited, but I have a bunch of stuff to do around the house before August, and with the Summer Reading program in June and July I really need to try to get everything done by May.

I have to make the spare bedroom into a nursery, move the spare bedroom to my office, move office down the stairs and across the house into a room we were using for storage, move my wife’s office into another room we were using for storage, make her old office into a new living room(we picked the smallest room in the entire house to be our living room and we are going to need more room where we hang out), move the stuff from the storage rooms out to the shed or out to the dumpster, paint the old living room…anyway there’s more stuff but I’m sure you get the idea.

Basically “We” decided to rearrange the entire house, I put the quotes around we because while technically I was there, I just said things like “yes honey” and “that’s good idea”. In short I have had a pretty busy few weeks, but I am not minding it at all because I am so excited about the twins.

On the writing front I started yet another new project. It kind of seems like that is all I did in 2011. Every month or so I would start something new. But I made a new year’s resolution to finish writing something before I start anything else and to write at least 400 words a day. I figure 400 words a day is easy, takes me about thirty minutes or so, and I can finish a novel in a little over six months. Plus it is a little slower than the nanowrimo pass so my writing should be a little more intelligible.

I better get to writing.

Oh, and I won the super bowl in one of my fantasy football leagues.

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