Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stuff and More Stuff

I have a bunch of stuff to write about today, sorry for the weird jumble of info. So in no particular order…

Item: Chicken Pox. I had them, it sucked. Why won’t people stay home when they are sick? Why do they all think the library is a great place to go when they are too sick to go to school or work? I could rant on this one for awhile, but instead imagine running a fever for four days with red itchy spots all over your body, now imagine that you know who did that to you and that they had told you “it is a good thing to take your kids out when they have the chicken pox. Every adult has already had them, and the kids need to be exposed to it.” Imagine what you want to say to that person, then pretend I wrote that.

Item: Twins. It is official we are having a boy and a girl. We had the ultra sound yesterday. It was really fun to watch them swimming around. At one point the ultra sound technician was trying to get a good view of the boy’s face, the girl promptly swam over and rubbed her bottom on his face until we looked at her again. I am not sure what that means but it has to mean something.

Item: Mile High Con. We won’t make it this year, for those of you wondering. Maybe next year but I do not want to try driving six hours with a pair of two month old babies.

Item: Short stories. I think I am done writing short fiction. The last three times I sat down to write one I hit the 10,000 word mark and decided “this should really be a novel”. I am not done forever but apparently the stories in my head have gotten a little more complex over the past few years. I am sure I will have an idea now and then that works better in a shorter format, but for now I am done. I still have five or six stories that haven’t been published, if no one picks them up you might see them here.

Item: Blood plague war. It’s done. WOOT!!! Just finished it last night. I am not sure if I will even put the time into editing it. I have known the story was broken for awhile I just wouldn’t admit it. Maybe if I sit it on a shelf for awhile I will come up with some ideas to fix it during the editing process. The problem is that about half way through the novel it switches from a book about a group of people dealing with a natural event (the blood plague) to a novel about people in the middle of a civil war. It feels like two completely different novels, maybe I can weave in some stuff to make it more uniform but I don’t really want to look at the thing right now. To put it another way, I kind of have a love hate relationship with the stuff I write, and Blood Plague is sleeping on the couch, and if it doesn’t watch it’s P’s and Q’s it might have to find a hotel for the night.

Item: New Novel. Okay, I agree. That is an awful title. But I am only two paragraphs and an outline into it, give me a break.

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  1. Congratultions on the twins. I'm sure they'll be a worthwhile handful.

    I had the chicken pox when I was 13, and it was a pain. At this point in time, there's really no excuse for people to "spread the plague" around, since there's a vaccine for chicken pox. Every kid in Maine is vaccinated before age 5, so I expect it'll eventually become another dead disease like its big brother small pox.

    I can relate to your current writing experiences. I have a couple of novels sitting on my hard drive, waiting to be "edited" that I just can't look at, and most of my short fiction ends up being the start of another book-length feature.