Monday, June 11, 2012

A Book Recommendation, Some Writing Tips, and Mother-in-Laws

Sorry about the last post, I thought about deleting it but then left there as a reminder not to write a blog post during a lupus flare up, no matter how mild, nothing like a sudden onset of severe arthritis pain to make you feel old. But I am back to my generally happy, pain-free self. My mother in law has been visiting so there is very little getting done on the writing front. She came out for my wife's baby shower. I get along pretty well with my in laws but I will be glad to have the house back to normal, company, no matter how pleasant, can be exhausting.

I did get most of Brandon Sanderson’s Alloy of Law read this week, and I have to tell you it is really great. It is set in his Mistborn series but hundreds of years after the last book. Unlike other fantasy series the passage of time has meant an advance in technology. They use guns and the book reads pretty much like a western, but a really cool one.

Also, if you are into writing fantasy here is a this week’s Writing Excuses Podcast. Brandon Sanderson talks about his new epic fantasy, The Way of Kings. He goes in depth into some of the edits he made to the manuscript, and why he chose to have the POV characters he did. It is a really great glimpse into the writing process of a NY times bestselling author.

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