Monday, June 25, 2012

Minnesota Vikings 2012 - A Prediction

This is a writing blog, but by now I am guessing all my loyal readers know that I can’t really keep on topic. Following the footsteps of a writer much better than myself (George RR Martin) I am going to share a little article about my favorite NFL team, the Minnesota Vikings (hey now, no teasing. I am a Vikings fan, haven’t I suffered enough?)

Anyway I was reading the Daily Norseman, a Vikings related news website. To be honest this time of year there isn’t all that much to talk about and what there is sounds like a group of elderly people gossiping at Wal-mart...

Did you hear that insert name here is unhappy? Oh, really I didn’t hear that, but Mr. So and So might retire. No he won't but I think he might be dateing What's Her Face. She's too good for him if you ask me, back in 42 we knew how to treat a lady like that. When I first took my wife out we..., etc.

And another off topic side note: what is it about the Wal-mart food court that is so attractive to the 75+ crowd? Weird.

Anyway this article caught my eye for some reason. At first it just seemed like one of those lame predictions of the season to come, but after a few sentences, it became veeerrrry interesting. It is a fun read for football fans but I think others might get a kick out of the inter-dimensional travel, the alligators with lasers in fire retardant suits, and the secrets of the Jared Allen blood ritual. Check it out.

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