Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Back to Work

Well, I am back at work, and back to writing. My first week back I had to go to a Library convention in Omaha. I was hoping to get some writing done at night while I was there, but I was exhausted both nights and just watched TV. It wasn’t a total loss I did see what happens when you give 900 librarians free beer and wine for 2 hours. It was actually a little scary.

I did write a little when I got back. I wrote the first chapter of a new novel. It was great. It was like stretching a muscle I hadn’t used in awhile. My writing time is drastically reduced right now, I spend about half of my old writing time taking care of the twins, but I have started a novel and will keep on writing, though at this pace it will take me over a year to finish the book.

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