Thursday, November 29, 2012


I finished up a major rewrite of Blood Plague last night. It has a totally different ending, one that fits the story better. It was about a 40,000 word rewrite so it was quite a process. I had to reread what I had a couple of times to make sure I tied up all the loose ends of subplots, but it’s done.
Time to put it on a shelf again, and let it sit while I write something else, and then I will go back and start editing it. I finally came up with a title and can scrap the working title of Blood Plague, now it reads The Truth of Iron at the top of the manuscript. In this particular world, those who are around iron for extended periods of time gain some special abilities. I am considering a subtitle that does mention plague.
Now that I have a 92,000 word monkey off of my back its time to pick a new project. From my post a few week ago you can see that there are quite a few partially finished items on my to-do shelf, and I am not sure which one I will pick to yet. I did read some  advice from published authors via the internet that I am going to consider as I try to pick what I want to do next.
It is pretty straight forward and something I should have thought of before. Authors get pigeon holed depending on what they get published first. When you are first starting out, write want you want to known for (in my case fantasy), and then later once you have a few things published, write a YA novel or a vampire novel.
Setting aside the projects that are not fantasy and the ones that are more idea than anything concrete narrows my choices to Empire’s End, The Rising Dark, or Godswar. I am going to have to reread what I have done and then decide.
I love getting stuff off my to do list.

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