Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Life of a Part Time Writer

Two people at work quit this week, so I am now schedule to work six days a week until the end of August. Not necessarily a bad thing, I do have an interview for a higher paying position. But it does mean I won’t be writing any short fiction this month.

I will still work on my novel, I set myself a very manageable goal of 2500 words a week. I can’t help but fell a little disappointed, I was starting to see a lot of improvement in my writing. Writing for all the anthologies was fun, I was stretching myself to write in genres I am not usually interested in.

I still have about ten subs out, so I may still have some acceptances to write about later in the month.

As for Shadows & Light the anthology I am editing for Pill Hill Press, there should not be a problem. I don’t mind reading for a few hours every night, I usually do anyway to help put myself to sleep. I am going to have to make slight change to the guidelines.

I like reading Sci-fi but it is not what we are looking for in this anthology. So far about a third of the subs have been Sci-fi. A sci-fi element in a fantasy story would be fine but an interstellar battle between humans and aliens doesn’t really fit.

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  1. And to think someone wanted to put the Grim Reaper into this antho...

    Hey, if you can't be picky, then you're not gonna have a good antho on your hands. No worries, mate!