Sunday, August 30, 2009

Milehicon and Other News

Milehicon- We just got notice that our payment has been recieved and we are offically registered to go to Milehicon in Denver at the end of October. This is out first convention and we are excited.

Work- I got the promotion at work and we have finally filled the open jobs. I have Saturdays off again, yay! Today I went through submissons for Shadows and Light but I should be able to start writing again next weekend.

Shadows and Light- We are offically 5/8 of the way full, and I can't beleive the quality of the submissons we are getting. I am baised but I think every story we have accepted is amazing. I can't wait to get it to the printers.

Novel- I really need to come up with a title for the novel I am currently working on. I just broke 60,000 words and I think I have another 30,000 or so left to write.

The Lion of Solkara- My first novel has been through a major rewrite and the query has been sent, crossing my fingers.

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