Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Two Acceptances!!!

I received two acceptances today, one from Lame Goat Press' Horror Through the Ages and one from Library of the Living Dead Press’ Witchology: Tales of the Cauldron. It was a fun day to check my email.

I have decided to read subs for Shadows & Light on the weekends. Every weekend I am going to be emptying the slush folder. So if you sub, you should get a response by the next Sunday. We are just over 50,000 words of the 70k-80k we want to reach, so there is still plenty of room. When it reaches 60k I am going to set a deadline of two to three weeks in the future so that anyone in the process of writing will have time to finish their submissions.

We have had an overwhelmingly good response to this anthology. So we will probably be doing another fantasy themed anthology once Shadows & Light comes out, but that is pretty far in the future.

The new novel is still coming along, slow and steady. 10,000 words a month. It should be done by November or December then comes the month of editing it takes for anyone other than me to understand what I wrote.

I have been writing short stories for three months exactly now. I have written 24 stories with 10 acceptances, with 13 stories I am still waiting on a response for. Not bad for beginning writer!


  1. Those numbers aren't bad. But you've only been writing for three months?! I've been writing for ten YEARS, and just started subbing two months ago...well done! :D

  2. Thanks! I started by writing a novel and that took me over a year. So I've been writing for about two years. I started writing short stories three months ago, when I began working on the 2nd novel.