Thursday, November 5, 2009


So I made it past 5000 words on my National Novel Writing month story. The story has already morphed into something a little different than I planned. It is still a fantasy story with zombies but I was going to try to get something with the feel of Lord of the Rings but not the plot. The story I'm writing doesn't have that mythology/fable feel that lord of the rings has. Maybe I'll write another fantasy novel about zombies and work on world building a little more before I start.

As I'm writing, I also got an idea for a short story and another novel. I am super happy about it because I was having a dry spell for ideas. It was a good thing I had Summer's Blood to finish or I would have not had anything to write.

It seems like I either have so many ideas that I can't write them all or that I don't have any. Weird.

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