Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reviews of Black Matrix Magazines

Both the magazines I am in from Black Matrix have been reviewed on SFRevu. My stories are mention very briefly, the reviewer seemed pretty happy with the magazines. So if you haven't gotten a copy of either magazine, why not check out the reveiws and see if you're interested?

Encounters Magazine- "A Hunter Hunted" by Alva J. Roberts. Sara is a woman on the prowl at a bar in Colorado when she gets a redneck named Billy to come outside with her. Billy does not get what he is expecting and things don't work out well for Sara either in this horrifying, nasty story. See the Review
Realms Magazine- The "Lord of the North" in the story by Alva J. Roberts is Beorn Hammerhand, fighting the forces of Baltor who are invading his land. Things are difficult, until he gets some unexpected help in this rousing tale. See the Review

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