Saturday, February 13, 2010

Writing Habits

So it is nearly 3 in the morning and I am still up with an upset stomach. I apologize if this post makes no sense, I am really tired. I am usually in bed by 12.
I was just sitting here thinking about the changes in my writing habits lately. Since Christmas I have only written one short story. I am still accomplishing my goal of writing one chapter a week in my novel, but I started to wonder why no ideas for short stories have been coming to me, and why I have only been writing one day a week. (Before Christmas I was writing everyday for about an hour after Jessy went to bed)
I have narrowed down the culprits.


Earth Defense Force 2017
Jessy got me this for Christmas as an after thought, she had a little money left over and apparently the game was fairly cheap. When I got it I had not played a video game in months, now I play this game everyday. It is a first person shooter where giant bugs from outer space are invading earth. Which sounds kind of silly, but it is super fun. Especially when you lay out a line of C70 bombs and let the bugs come to you and blow it. Something about the giant explosion that levels a full city block brings out the little Lex Luthor in me and I can't help but laugh manically.


Adobe illustrator. This is the program that I use to make the covers for Pill Hill Press. I have been busy using it for book covers, and promotional items. Also another small press liked our covers so much that they are paying me to design theirs! I am not making very much money but I finally have concrete proof that the graphic design classes I took while getting my Applied History degree were totally worth it.


Oh the dreaded google. Vile lovely mistress that saps away my time. How can I spend two hours on you and do absolutely nothing?


I caught the flu, went to bed early for a week, got over it and somehow caught it again and was sick for another week. How does that even happen?


Okay, so when they advertise Netflix as being cheaper than the video store, they are totally right, but we have seen all the movies we really wanted to see. So we decided to start getting old tv shows that we never saw. Since Christmas we have seen: All the episodes of Firefly (It is awesome! I love the space cowboys!, All the episodes of Dark Angel (Not nearly as good, but Jessy like it), a season of Dexter (We liked the first season, dv-red the third and needed to watch the 2nd to get it off the DVR), and now we are watching Legend of the Seeker(It's not bad, but I can't say it is good). What's next? We're thinking Battlestar Galatica.


Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time book series. I started reading this series when I was in high school. Nearly 3 million words later, there is a new book out. I try to read it and realize, I have no clue what is going on, so I have to reread the entire series. I am on a Knife of Dreams, once I finish it I can finally read the new book. But as I said that means that I have read nearly 3 million words since Christmas, no wonder it seems like I have no free time.
In my opinion it is totally worth it. If you like fantasy and want to read something that is truly epic (and not just in word count) try this series. Someday I want to be half the writer Robert Jordan is, it feels like I know every character in the books, and according to google there were 96 POV characters by book #8 A Path of Daggers. Knife of Dreams, the book I am currently reading is book #11.
So there it is. My List of reasons not to write. But I am finally over the flu. I am 84.3% done with Earth Defense Force, and I only have a measly 400,000 words left to read in the Wheel of Time. I should be done with those by the end of the month. Then maybe I will find more time to write.
I think lack of sleep is making me ramble. I better stop now. Goodnight.

Here are a couple of youtube videos about Firefly
Firefly Opening Credits

A longer remix with more scenes from the show.


  1. LOL! Yeah, "The Witcher" and "Morrowind" have cut into my writing from time to time, so I know how that is. And the internet in general is where attention spans go off to die.

    And then along come the kids...

  2. Firefly. My big time favorite.

    How about these to divert you from writing:
    Does NetFlix have "Earth 2?" That was interesting. And the other SF Network show I liked (a couple of decades ago) was "Space Above and Beyond."

    Realm cover is neat.