Sunday, April 18, 2010


My break from writing is over, I just got done writing another 1000 words on Godswar. That puts me over 30,000 and I am starting to wonder if this story is going to end up being more than one book long, it is just beginning. I am also starting to wonder if it is possible to have the opposite of writer's block. I have so many ideas for this novel that I don't know where to go next. I guess that's what I get for never outlining.

During my break I read a couple of books and worked on covers for PHP. Below is art for a Whodunnit Halloween and then the cover I made. I tried to make the 6 x 9 artwork into a 12.5 x 9 wrap around cover. I'll let you decide how good a job I did. I also got the artwork for a novel Kinberra Down, Eric S Brown's next novel from PHP. Phil really out did himself on this one, I can't wait for Jessy to post it on our forum.

Original Art

Whodunnit Halloween Cover

Book Review:

This is one of the books I read during my break, I would definitely recommend it. Jimmy was one of my favorite characters in the riftwar saga and I loved to a novel focused on him. I give this one 5 out of 5 stars. But I would tell anyone who is interested to start with the first book of the riftwar saga, Magician and work your way through the series. My favorite book in the series is A Darkness at Sethanon.

I am going to have a busy week at work. Monday should be normal. The Friends of the Library book sale is this week, so I have two days of hauling books around, then on Thursday I have to visit one of the elementary schools and talk about the Summer Reading Program. I don't really know what to say to the classes other than "Hey, there is a Summer Reading Program, you should come!" but I am working on it. Public speaking is my kryptonite, but the oldest kids I talk to will be in 4th grade, so it shouldn't be so bad. We have 1 hour to walk between all six classrooms and give our presentation to each. If nothing else it should be good practice for the bigger schools, that I have to visit in May.

Then on Friday I get to go to the dentist. I have one more wisdom tooth and apparently I am not allowed to keep it. While I'm there he wants to do a in depth cleaning and fill in another cavity. He said for me to plan on being in the chair for at least an hour. Finally I have to work on Saturday this week, which would be fine, but I will be nursing a sore mouth and I will have to start taking down the book sale.
Sigh... Maybe I should write faster so that I can become a famous novelist and not have to worry about book sales and school visits.