Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Still Writing

So I had some good news, a short story of mine, Higher Learning, was accepted for publication in the Absent Willow Review. It was one of my few forays into sci-fi and I am happy to find a home for it.

Then I had some bad news, my novel, Summer's Blood, was rejected by PYR. I sent it to them first for multiple reasons. In order of importance least to most.
1. They take email submissions which saves some ink and paper
2. They request the entire manuscript, so I didn't have to write a synopsis, I am horrible at those.
3. They have an average response time on Duotropes of 14 days, and that is excatly how long it took me to get a response.
4. I really love thier cover artists, some of the best in the business.
5. The have a repuation for putting out high quality novels.

But it was not to be. Now I need to give a few days and do another edit, while at the same time writing a synopsis of each chapter. Then I will send it off to another publisher. I am going to start with the big New York publishers and work my way down. Getting a rejection on a short story doesn't bother me, I've had plenty and plenty of acceptances. But when one of my novels is rejected it is depressing, I spend so much time and effort on them that it is hard to hear someone else doesn't like them. But I always think that maybe if I give them one more edit they will be good enough.

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