Saturday, May 1, 2010

Going to the Doctor

So I went to the doctor today. I have sinus infection, which is the reason for my fatigue and stuffy nose. There is a strong possibility that I have high blood pressure and the doctor thinks that I have discoid lupus.

When I heard lupus I kind freaked out but apparently the kind I have isn't so bad. While still an incurable disease, this kind of lupus is mostly just a reoccurring skin rash, and I am allergic to the sun. It is also causing an early onset of arthritis which is why my knees have been hurting so much lately. So my general feeling of poopyness and lack of motivation when it comes to writing finally have a cause.
But on the good side with my allergy to the sun finally developing I am hoping my other vampric abilities will soon manifest themselves. Oh yes, the league of vampire librarians will soon rule the world! Our secret plans are bearing fruit. Then the world will know true fear as we organize the entire world by last name and title, hahahahaha...or um...forget that last part. That must be the fever talking.

No. Really, the national library conference is just a place where we go to network and learn the latest in library technology. There is no secret room for dark rituals, or covenants with shadowy evil beings of immense power. The dewy decimal system is just a way to organize books, it isn’t a form of ritual worship and magic that brings unimaginable power to the library staff. And of course it would be silly to think that we take the souls of patrons that don’t return their books, why would we want those silly old things?


  1. Sorry to hear about the lupus, even a minor sort. At least you approach it in the right spirit...and that is incredibly important.