Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ladies of Trade Town

I just finished my first draft of my Ladies of Trade Town submission. As I have mentioned before I try to use short fiction to experiment with different styles and techniques.
For this one I tried to fly totally by the seat of my pants. It is set in a post apocalyptic world where genetic manipulation is common so I wanted the story to feel raw and organic.

I don't use outlines but I usually have a pretty good idea of the plot of the next 1000 or so words I am writing. And when I finish writing what I have plotted out, I take a break and decide what I want to have happen next. For this story I didn't let myself do that. I barely knew what was going to happen in the next sentence.
The result, well let’s just say it was a bad idea. There are so many plot holes and inconsistencies that I am not sure the six days until submissions close will be enough time to edit the story. But it was worth a shot, and I learned something that I should not do. I like the ideas I came up with and I like the characters so I think I might be able to salvage it, but I also think the 5000 word + story is going to be around 4000 words when I am done.

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