Monday, June 7, 2010

The Great Swampy Middle

So I am thinking about putting Godswar to the side and starting on another project. I only started thinking about this after my Ladies of Trade Town short story. It was 5,700 words, and it took me 8 days to finish. This is a normal pace for me when I am into a story. I have been writing Godswar for 180 days which would mean that I should be at around 120,000 words, I am still stuck around 40,000.
So it obvious I am not that into this project. On the other hand I know that when I am writing a novel I get bogged down at around 40,000 words. I have heard this called the Great Swampy Middle, and I am stuck in it with my tires spinning.

So the question I need to ask is should I force myself to complete the project or should I just move on to another one?


  1. "The Great Swampy Middle"! I like that. That's exactly where I am in the novel I just set aside to cool for awhile. Sometimes you just have to do that.

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