Monday, November 22, 2010

I quit...

It isn't by choice but I think I might have to quit nanowrimo. I was keeping my nano novel on a flash drive which has disappeared. I looked everywhere, by my wallet, by my computer, in the washer, in my wife's office, I even looked under the couch battling the couch bunnies to no avail.

The novel really wasn't going that well anyway. I was going to hit 50,000 words but it was going to need a lot of editing.

Tonight, during my writing time, I felt a little lost and started on one of my ideas that I got while doing nano. I made it to 2,000 words on that, but there is no way I will get to 50,000 in a week.

 Another lesson learned as a writer, always save everything to the computer and the flash drive.

Below is an illustration of one possible, and most likely, solution to the case of the missing flash drive. In panel one I am carrying my flash drive, feeling the intense sense of accomplishment that nano brings.

In panel two I leave the flash drive on the table. I do this so that I can make a snack (a bowl of popcorn, and a slice of cheese) and pet my dog(not pictured). I like my dog, I share my cheese.

In panel three an Anti-Nano ninja (notice the throwing star)sneaks in a steals my flash drive. The Anti-Nano ninja's are a clandestine organization with the goal of foiling all attempts at nanowrimo, an event which they hate for both political and bovine related reasons.

In panel four (not pictured) I search furiously for my flash drive. I weep. Then I make a snack (beef jerky and nachos) and pet my dog. I like my dog. I share my beef jerky.


  1. Bet that little flash drive shows up in the Spring--after everything thaws out...under a rock! lol. Congrats, Alva, on getting so far on Nano! (my hat is tipped to you!) And, I too, am having to bow out. Health issues. But I did manage to get 32,000. I pet my dogs. And share everything. :)