Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sexual Assault on the Football Field

So I just watched the Nebraska Cornhuskers game against Texas A&M. We lost. Some of the calls against us were a little questionable, but we really weren't playing that well anyway. But this is just kinda weird.

Here's the set up, our quarterback fumbles the ball. Our tight end, Ben Cotton, dives on the ball, and gets it back. A Texas player sees he had the ball and grabs him by of the articles I read called it the sensitive upper thigh area. He proceeds to squeeze and twist our poor tight ends "sensitive upper thigh area", the tight end kicks him away.

The result?

Two penalties against a guy who is going to have to put ice on his crotch. It was a stange game. I'm going to bed.


  1. Completely agree.

    Ben Cotton should get on a plane today and file sexual assault charges. A lawyer tells me there's plenty of evidence to bring charges. If that happened in a bar, on tape, the charge would stick. It's up to a Texas judge, so they likely wouldn't stick. But he'd have to hear the case and humiliate Jerod-Edie to no end. What a piece of scum.

  2. Look how long it goes on. Well after we can't see his hand down here. At the end of the second video you can see he was squeezing the nuts the entire time. A good 30 seconds. Jerod-Edie has a criminal's mentality and should be exposed as such.