Thursday, November 18, 2010

Patrick Rothfuss Charity Drive

I thought I would mention this to all you published novelist. New York Times best selling author, Patrick Rothfuss, has started his annual “World Builders” charity drive for Heifer foundation, which provides long term solutions to end world hunger, by giving livestock which provide eggs and milk and teaching them new agricultural techniques.

He is asking for donations of signed novels which will be raffled off, all proceeds will go to charity. If you feel like donating here is the address to send your books:

Patrick Rothfuss
PO BOX 186
Stevens Point, WI 54481

He is doing blog posts about the books he is getting: Here
You can surf around his blog and find out more.

For people not interested in donating things, they are raffling off some pretty cool things and will be having some auctions later in the year. Not all prizes are book related for example they will auctioning off a signed Brett Farve jersey.

But, in my opinion the coolest prize is a golden ticket (he will be auctioning one off, and giving one away in the raffle) which gets you one favor from Patrick Rothfuss. Here is what he said about the golden ticket last year:

You want your name in book two? We can do that. You want me to read your book and give you some criticism? No problem. You want me to attend your local convention, perform your wedding ceremony, or just give you a nice backrub? Consider it done.

A few stipulations:

• The favor has to be legal. (More or less.)

• It has to be something I can actually do. (Duh)

• I can’t make anyone fall in love.

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