Monday, December 13, 2010


So I had the flu last week. I work at a library, someplace that people LOVE to go when they are sick. The library employees tend to take turns getting sick all through the flu season. But it wasn’t the normal flu, comparing this hideous pestilence to the normal flu is like saying a gunshot wound is a little scratch. I left work early on Tuesday, I was running a fever of 101 I went home and went to sleep. Somehow my voice rose two octaves higher while at the same time becoming whispery raspy thing that even I didn’t recognize.

The next few days are kind of a blurry haze of coughing and sleep. I remember working one day because five other members of our nine person staff called in sick. I remember sleeping, and reading a little, though I couldn’t tell you what I read. I remember my wife making me soup, and being extremely nice while at the same time teasing me about sounding like an eight year old girl who had been smoking her whole life (see the high pitch, raspy sentence above)

To make a long story short... too late(bet ya can't guess what I watched while I was sick), it was an awful week. I got nothing productive done, and now I am playing catch up.


  1. Bet ya got that flu bug from wearing shorts to the store in 20 degree weather!

    Sorry you were ill, hope you're getting better.


  2. What are you talking about? Twenty degrees is balmy. lol Actually the people who wear shorts in 20 degree weather, at least the ones I've talked to, are all college students from California. Apparently they always wear shorts, maybe they'll change that in January when it gets below zero.