Monday, December 6, 2010

Shadows & Light II and writing

I try not to get too much into Pill Hill Press on this blog but I thought I would give everyone an update on Shadows & Light II. We just got the last of the contracts in. We are starting to prepare the book for print, and hopefully it will be out late December/early January, but with the holidays it might get pushed back a little. Kind of depends on how much I can get done on it this weekend. Just wanted to let everyone know that it was coming along. I am a little slower than Jessy but it shouldn’t be too much longer.

On the writing front I have finished another 5,000 words in Blood Plague(working title). I think these are my best characters ever. Period.

If I can keep the plot going this might be the one that gets published, crossing my fingers. I didn’t know writing could be so easy until I started on this one, every time I sit down to write I get 2,000-5,000 words done.

I just need to get myself to the computer and keep at it, again with the holidays and now Shadows & Light II it is kind of hard to find time to write.

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