Monday, June 27, 2011

Trees and things

It has been a pretty busy summer so far, and I have not had much time for writing so there hasn’t been a whole lot to report so far as my writing goes. Here is a little tidbit from my regular life. There was a thunderstorm on Friday, this is a pretty common event in late June. There was a little hail and a lot of wind. I got off of work to find this.

Yep that is a two hundred pound “branch” that fell on my brand new fence. Thankfully the branch did miss my wife's car just a few feet out of frame and came no where near the house. It was a little shocking. The storm wasn't that bad.

Anyway, I am a man and part of my manly duties is to fix things like this. So Saturday morning I went to the hardware store got some more pickets and a new two by four( the one the tree is sitting on is shattered but somehow still holding up the tree in the picture).

A few hours and one pretty jagged cut on my hand later I was done. There was much rejoicing as I proved that I still deserved my man card. We played computer games and drank massive quantities of crystal light.

As for writing, it has been the same old thing. There has been one new development. A publication I have a story in has sent out an email to writers it has worked with in the past. They are looking for independent film/book reviewers. I sent an email back saying I would give it a try. So sometime in the next few months to a year I might be a published reviewer.

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