Monday, June 6, 2011

X-Men: First Class Review

I went to see X-Men: First Class last night. I really enjoyed the first trilogy. Checking other reviews online this morning I seem to be in the minority, but this one is not nearly as good as the rest of the franchise, even X-men Origins: Wolverine was kind of fun. If any character or plot arc in the movie even started to become fun or interesting they would quickly switch scenes to something less fun or interesting. When the best part of the movie is a thirty second cameo of Hugh Jackman telling the main characters to F*ck Off(something I wanted to do for nearly an hour) there is something wrong with the movie.

Untangling the mess and telling you why it was bad is a little beyond me. So it is hard to pin down exactly what was wrong. But here are a few things I didn’t like.

The plot mixing the Cuban Missile Crisis with mutant rights was over the top and convoluted.

James McAvoy is a good actor but a horrible Professor X

The special effects with Emma Frost are ridiculous and cheap.

The movie was about 45 minutes too long for what happened in it

The “first class” had no personality or depth. The only character that I cared about at all was Magneto and I knew he was going to turn evil. Fewer characters and more characterization would have helped a lot.

The Beast/Mystique attempts at finding a cure, this lame attempt at characterization felt forced and hollow and took up way to much time.

I thought Kevin Bacon did a great job and so did Michael Fassbender. Overall it kind of felt like the first draft of a novel that hasn’t been revised yet. Parts of it didn’t really make sense, parts were slow paced, characters needed to be developed more, but there were some really great scenes and ideas behind everything.

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