Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What to do at 32?

I need to “figure out what I want to do this weekend” for my birthday, or so my wife tells me. My birthdays isn’t until Tuesday but I am working on Tuesday. I am turning 32 and I told my wife that I wanted to do something. Deciding what is harder than I thought it would be.

Thirty years ago it was easy. Someone else did all the planning. I got lots of presents and from the photographs I seriously enjoyed my birthday. Like really, really enjoyed it. In one picture I seem to be trying to become one with the birthday cake and have my head buried in it. But no one is going to plan my birthday for me, and I really shouldn’t eat that many sweets. I am on a low carb diet.

Twenty years ago it would have been simple too. Pizza and a movie. Simple. Easy. Either renting them or actually going. Google tells me that summer had some good ones. Terminator 2, Robin Hood the Prince of Thieves. But the low carb diet nixes the pizza, and as you can see from my last post I just went and saw the only movie at the theatre that I wanted to see. And Netflix has made going to the movie rental place pointless.

Don’t even get me started on ten years ago. A case of beer and a pack of cigarettes would have been all I needed. But I have quit smoking since then and the drunken debauchery of my early twenties sounds exhausting. I have no desire to wake up in a lilac bush wondering where my pants went. I would need at least three days of vacation time just to recover.

So that leaves me with very few options. I could head up to the local Indian casino. As a member of the players club I get $20 in free gaming. But I am a little casinoed out. We went to Deadwood at the beginning of May and there is only so much time I want to spend watching my money disappear with nothing to show for it.

A few years ago I bought a video game and had a few friends over to play it with me and my wife. That was kind of fun. Maybe I could do that. Only minus the friends (they left town) and the rum and coke (rum gives me a stomach ache).

Geez…see the problem? Anyone out there have any ideas?

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  1. I didn't do anything for my last birthday (31), and that kind of sucks. True, birthdays are more for kids, but there should be some sort of celebration.

    A friend of mine suggested something that I haven't had the chance to do (but might someday). Since most of my friends aren't in my general vicinity anymore, he suggested we have an online viewing party. We all rent/buy/download the same movie or tv show, and watch it while doing an internet chat. I don't know how it would work out, but it's an idea.