Thursday, August 18, 2011

A New Horror Monster????

So I came across a factoid today that I didn’t know that has seriously got my brain churning with story ideas. I thought I would share the facts in case any of you were looking for a different monster for a horror story. It is probably common knowledge to some of you, but chimpanzees are omnivorous.

They eat meat. Their preferred meat is monkey. If you don’t believe me do a youtube search of “chimpanzee hunting monkey”, but be prepared. Chimps like to tear their prey up and eat it while it is still alive. Some of the videos are a little graphic.

Creepy Chimp Facts

1. Chimps go out in hunting parties to look for food.
2. A full grown chimp though only weighing in at around 120lbs is twice as strong as a 250lb man.
3. A group of chimps will invade another group’s territory and kill them for the land.
4. They are one of the few species that has been known to commit murder.
5. They eat everything they kill, including other chimps.
6. I found a few reports of chimps attacking humans. During one incident in 2009 a man was beaten by two chimps. Then they ate his foot, his face, and his genitals, but he survived.
7. Creepiest of all, chimps are almost human, with all the hate, anger, and vile things that entails. (Also with all the love, curiosity, and compassion that entails, for those of you looking for an unlikely hero)

Anyway, just thought I would share.

These facts have been gathered through liberal use of google-fu and I would recommend double checking everything before actually using it in a story.

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