Sunday, November 11, 2012

Changes To The "Man Rules"

Okay, so here is a post to distract you from the super boring one I just posted so that I could refer back to it.
I hurt myself yesterday. And it made realize just how much has changed in my life since I was younger. Injuries use to be something you could be kind of proud of in a weird way. They gave you a few man points and you got extra if you pretended like they didn't really hurt.
Here's a quick list of a few of these so that you see what I am talking about: Tweaked my back roofing the house, twisted my knee playing basketball, cut my hand putting in the car stereo, sprained my ankle diving for a touchdown, sprained my wrist seeing who could put the biggest dent in broken refrigerator, twisted my neck "car surfing", broke my…well you get the picture. These are all real injuries I have had in my life. And some of them were admittedly stupid injuries, that you only get when you’re a drunk 20 year old but you could tell people what happened and you looked like a man – a stupid man, but a man just the same. You could practically smell the testosterone just hearing the stories about how they happened.
Yesterday, I was on the floor playing with the babies and the phone rang, I stood up weird and sprained my big toe. Sprained my toe carrying a baby. Hmmm…not a great one to put on my man resume. At least I pretended like it didn't hurt. Not sure if I still get points for that.
I am starting to wonder if the "Man Rules" change as you get older. When I am 100 years old will walking down the hall without breaking a hip get me a couple of points? Hmmm...I need to get an updated rule book.


  1. Dude, you totally fought through the searing pain of a sprained toe while heroically maintaining your hold on to a helpless baby. Major man points!

  2. LOL. I guess its all in the way you tell the story. I probably should have realized that before, what kind of writer am I?