Sunday, November 11, 2012

A long boring post about writing projects and goals

This blog post is a game plan for writing. I am posting it online because if I just kept it on my computer I would call it something stupid and generic like List or just hit some random keys like adafd and then I would delete in a month or so when I couldn't remember what it was anymore. So you might find this boring but I am going to refer back to it frequently.
See, the problem is that whenever I finish something, I just start a new project and ignore the huge pile of half-finished novels sitting in a folder on my desktop, on flash drives, and on my wife's computer. So I am going to go around find all of my partially finished novels and set up a game plan and some achievable goals for getting everything done. So I'll be back in just a sec…
Okay, so I'm done. I have to say I am surprised at just how much stuff I found. Anyway here are the projects, the current word count, and a one sentence description. The stuff I found that I can't give a one sentence description of is going in the recycle bin right now.
1.       Blood Plague War- Set in a fantasy land this is the story of a group of plague survivors who have to learn how to survive once civilization collapses. I didn't shelve this one, I actually finished it, but going back through on my first reread I decided that I needed to rewrite the last 30,000 or so words. The story does not end the way it should. Word count: About 50,000
2.       YA Superhero novel- The story of earth's last superheroes dealing with an alien occupation of the planet. Originally a YA nanowrimo novel I lost the flash drive with this one on it. Like BPW above I have about 30,000 words or so left, and a very clear outline. Word Count: 36,437
3.       History of Blood- The first person diary of a vampire, following his life from prehistoric times to the present. This one took so much time to research, I kept feeling bogged down. And I was starting to think it might actually work better as a series of short stories each set in a different time period.  Current Word Count:  23,590
4.       Godswar- As the gods war in heaven a god his struck down and falls to earth, forgetting who he is, his power, and the secret that will stop the war in the heavens.  I got stuck on this one, there is no other way to put it. It was really hard to find a conflict worthy of the protagonist. I mean what could really pose a danger to a god except another god? And who many times can you play out that scenario before it gets stale? About 40,000 words left to write. Current Word Count: 45,694
5.       The Rising Dark: The story of living darkness swallowing a fantasy land, and the people trying to stop it. I stopped writing this one when I watched a movie and read a novel with same plot, within two weeks of starting it. Sigh, I thought it was such an original idea too. Current Word Count: 12,489
6.       Veil of Embers:  Set in a fantasy world, the story of a volcano threatening to erupt and the people trying to stop it, who soon discover that the eruption might not be altogether natural.  I started writing this because I had created a fantasy world for a short story that I loved and watched a documentary on Pompei in the same week. It didn't take long to realize that the characters were too weak and one dimensional to carry the story. Current Word Count: 8,490
7.       The Well: Set in a fantasy world the story of a necromancer who must keep a magical artifact from the hands of the invading barbarians, he soon discovers that the uncivilized tribesmen are not the only threat to the kingdom.  Another attempt at setting a story in that fantasy world I loved. This one got so confusing that after just three chapters I couldn't keep track of everything, a reader would just throw it away in frustration. Current Word Count: 9,890
8.       Empire's End: The story of various people effected by a warlord's desire to create an empire. I just kept going down the wrong path with this one and then gave up. I have a folder of material I cut, and altogether there is about 30,000 words of stuff I think I will just have to throw away. Current Word Count: 15,890
9.       Everdawn Chronicles: My newest project, just started last week. It is a little too new to summarize in a sentence. Okay, I lied it isn’t going in the trash. But two other ones did. Current Word Count: 7698
Okay there they are nine different novels that are partially done. Didn't think there would be so many when I started writing this. I had totally forgotten about a couple of those. Also, though it is barely started (less than 1000 words in) I want to write an adult choose your own adventure zombie novel, just for the heck of it. By adult I mean written for an adult audience not sexy time with zombies (gross).
Finish Blood Plague: I plotted out how it should end, just never got around to writing it.
Finish the YA superhero novel: It is a really fun story, and I got to use some of the characters I made for my Marvel Super Heroes role playing game back in the day. It will be a nice change of pace, plus again I know what needs to be written. I can probably do some of the plot stuff below while I am writing it.
Reread History of Blood decide if it should be short stories or a novel. If it is short stories write a few as I go through the stuff below.
Reread Godswar: Try to figure out where to go next, I wrote this almost three years ago and the details are a little hazy.
Take the characters from The Well and put them in Veil of Embers. It should be an almost seamless switch over. Delete what I have written for both of them.
Look over Rising Dark and see if there is a way I can make it more unique. If I can't it needs to go in the recycle bin.
Write Empire's End
Write a CYOA zombie novel
Write Everdawn Chronicles
Wow. That should to keep me busy for a few years, plus I know I am going to get at least a few new ideas here and there that I will have to fit in there somewhere. I am going to set my new writing goal at…hmmm…how about 5000 words a week? That should not be too hard to keep up and will give me something novel length in about 16 weeks. If I don't keep up with my goals and my to do list you have full permission to mock me horribly. After all, ridicule is a great motivator.




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