Monday, March 11, 2013

Changes & A Writing Update

I am finally feeling better, and just in time. It’s my first day of school. I have decided to go back to college and get another bachelors degree. There are a lot more jobs in my area for someone with an IT degree than there are for someone with an Applied History degree.

So I am taking online classes full time through Bellevue University, with the college credits I already have it will take me about a year to get a new degree, with two babies at home I thought this was the perfect time to spend a little more time at home.

Last semester I took a prerequisite class while I was trying to decide if I wanted to go back to school. Online classes were a little different than I remembered. Anyway I thought I would tell everybody why my blog posts and writing have slowed down a bit, and will probably slow down a bit more. I will keep writing, but homework will come first.

My writing has been going pretty well. The novel I am working on is coming along nicely. Dynasties and Demagogues actually did help. It put into words some concepts I had been mulling over. I am not sure it would be all that helpful to most people but it really did help me.

The one thing I am a little worried about in my novel now is that my character is too…proficient for lack of a better word. I can see a rewrite in my future, but for now I finished three chapters in the last three weeks, though I am not sure I want to count last week, I was so sick I did not write at all.

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  1. When they are babies is the best time to get school in. Of course two babies are harder to keep up with...but nothing compared to two toddlers. All i can say is get your writing and schooling in now.