Saturday, February 20, 2010

The difference between novels and short fiction

Earlier this week Jessy was reading a chapter from one of my novels (Kingdom of the Dead) and said it didn't even read like something I wrote. I thought this was kind of funny. Of the three novels I have written Kingdom of the Dead is the first one she had read, while she has read nearly all of my short fiction.

I have been telling her that I play around with my short stories but really try to make my novels the best product I can. And she finally understands what I mean.
For me short stories are a venue to try out new things, to experiment with my writing. I use each short story to try to work on an aspect of my writing, and then I use what I learn from them in my novels. It is the reason why my short fiction is so varied from parodies to drama I try a little bit of everything, and then pull it all together when I write a novel.

Many of my short stories read very differently. For example the Low Road published in Everyday Weirdness is almost poetry, my stories published in Bards and Sages are fantasy parodies, with my short horror stories I have either tried to work on atmosphere or action. So if you are ever reading something I have written maybe you can spot what I was trying to "play" with.
In a side note I got a acceptance today to Twisted Tongue magazine. They are going to reprint my story from Twisted Legends, Hello Kitty. Both publications had the word Twisted in the title and for some reason I thought it would be neat to say my story from Twisted Legends got reprinted in Twisted Tongue. I'm pretty jazzed about it.

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