Monday, February 22, 2010

Weird Dream

So its 5:26am. I should be in bed but I had a wierd dream that woke me right up like it was some kind of nightmare(which it wasn't). I dreamed that I was in high school weird enough since I am 30 years old. And that my dad had to move to Hyannis Nebraska to take care of grandparents.

My grandparents both passed away before I was in high school so that is strange enough. More weirdness, I have never been to Hyannis, I had no idea where it was until I just used to google maps. I barely knew it was in Nebraska. The only time I have ever even heard the name was when they give high school sports scores on the radio. It is about 114 from where I grew up, in Chadron and about 78 miles from where my granparents lived, in Hemingford. Chadron is only 45 miles from Hemingford.
So why the hell was I dreaming about moving to some place I have never been, and didn't even know where it was?

It was nice to have dream about my dad he passed away back in 2001, so it was nice to see his face but it was such a strange dream, and it woke me up like a shot. But in the dream I wasn't even upset that I had to move. In my dream some of my friends had just moved there, and I thought it was cool to move.
I believe that some dreams can be analyzed, that dreams can occasionally be prophetic, that sometimes they are just random collections of memories and thoughts all bunched together, heck I even believe that sometimes people who passed on can give you messages in dreams, but what the heck is the High School and Hyannis dream about?

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