Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Writing- Because of Natural talent or hard work

And I started to wonder if I write because of natural talent or hard work. In high school the only subjects I scored lower than a B in were english and speech, and in college I got a D+ in composition, now to be fair to myself 50% of my grade in that class was spelling tests, which as anyone who has read one of my first drafts can tell you, is my achilles heel. So D+ wasn't so bad considering I averaged 40% on my spelling tests.

Unlike the people who responded to Lydia's wonderful blog, I was never told that I was a good writer. My english teachers never tried to get me to write more. I started writing when I was 29. I had a story in my head that I wanted to read. I spent every night writing for 5 months and had a really bad novel(which I hope has gotten better with all the edits I have made to it). Then I wrote some short stories, just to have something to do during my "writing time". I sent these in to publishers without any real hope of getting them published. Two of the three short stories were published. So I wrote some more.
It has been a little over a year since then, and I have written a lot of stuff. But I never thought that I was "working hard" at becoming a writer. It was just something I enjoyed doing so I did it. Like most authors I dream of someday making a living off my writing. How cool would it be to make a living off of something I like doing so much?
Back to the question. Talent or hard work.... uhmm....neither?

I can credit my writing career to my dad. Who gave me a half hour later bed time if I was reading (an awesome deal for a night owl like me). When I didn't have any books I would make up bedtime stories in my head to put me to sleep. This habit has continued all my life.

So I have all these stories in my head, and instead of just thinking "Somebody should write that" I write them. I think I am getting better at telling the stories through writing them down, but I can't really say I work hard at writing or that I am a huge natural talent.

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